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Musica Para Planetarios

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Mexican guitarist and ambient artist Eblen Macari's "Música Para Planetarios" (Music for Planetariums) was originally composed for weekly performances in the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium in Mexico City to accompany a voyage through the galaxy. The album, released in 1987 was based around Macari's solo performances using Ensoniq ESQ-1, a Korg Poly 800, two guitars and pre-hispanic Ocarinas. The expanded arrangements recorded for the album include a full stable of pre-hispanic percussion and beautiful baroque harpsichord played by Macari's wife. This expansive interplanetary soliloquy is undoubtedly Macari’s masterpiece. Remastered from the original master tapes.


Patrick says: Seance Centre win this week's award for deepest digging, treating us to a beautifully presented and perfectly pressed reissue of Eblen Macari's space age ambient suite "Masica Para Planetarios". Originally composed for playback in a Mexican planetarium, this is inter-dimensional, transcendent and mystical music from way beyond your fourth world.


1. Planetarios Suite
2. Part 1 - Planetarios
3. Part 2 - Tres Gringos Perdidos En La Selva
4. Part 3 - Viaje En Topolino Por Los Caminos Del Sur
5. Part 4 - El Pirata Del Grijalva
6. Part 6 - Los Suenos Del Pirata
7. Part 7 - Supernova En Macuspana
8. La Constelacion Del Pejelagarto (Bambuco
9. El Grito De La Lluvia
10. Lux Aeterna 

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