Venus Dodson

Shining / He Said She Said

Image of Venus Dodson - Shining / He Said She Said
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Kinfine Records

About this item

Having never received a full release in the USA (or any release at all in the UK), the US promo 12" (7:01 mins) of "Shining" by Venus Dodson continues to garner considerable sums from collectors in 2018. "Shining" is a staple from 1979 Paradise Garage. An uptempo, feel good romp will full instrumentation and is surely one of the finest Leroy Burgess penned tracks to come from the peak years of disco. In the interests of redressing historical balance, Kinfine (the same people that did that amazing Universal Robot Band re-ish) now presents a remastered, limited press, replica 12". Cut with love at 45rpm to ensure a higher audio resolution (than the hard-to-find original). Comes with equally flamboyant and glitterball-ready, "He Said, She Said On The Flip". Essential!


A1. Shining (7:01)
B1. He Said, She Said (6:18)

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