I Marc 4

Nelson Psychout

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Original Italian library music from the vaults of Nelson Records, recorded between 1970 and 1976. All tracks performed by I Marc 4, one of the key acts in the birth and development of the New Italian Library Sound, formed by Maurizio Majorana on bass, Antonello Vannucchi on Hammond organ and piano, Roberto Podio on drums and guitarist Carlo Pes. Funky, psychedelic and occasionally slinky, this is high grade Library tackle for all the family. 


A1 Distirsion Mind
A2 The Trip
A3 Compression
A4 Dirottamento
A5 Suoni Distorti
A6 Beat Generation
A7 Beat Morbido
A8 Leslie Love
B1 Attesa Spasmodica
B2 Deep Bass
B3 Filter
B4 Airon
B5 Wonder
B6 Underground
B7 Ray Ban
B8 Berkey 70

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