The Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 5

Image of Heap - The Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 5
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Berceuse Heroique

About this item

After excellent editions from Japanese digger Mori Ra and Dutch wizard Loud E, Neubau founder Heap makes his way into the Brasserie Heroique, locking us into a trio of viciously pressed reheats covering industrial, new beat and cosmic territories. The dark disco starts with the thunderous kicks, hissing hats and melancholic pads of "External Error", a tough new beat jacker in possession of a brutal Belgian bassline, fractured breaks and blurred guitars. Next up, "Possessed By The Drums" clangs and clatters its way through the assembly line, loosening screws with swelling subs and metallic percussion - tough stuff! Over on the flip and "Tripper" does exactly what it says on the tin, tacking some bendy sine waves to a rib rattling kick and spinning out into the bleep filled soundspace of a little pitched down Jarre. 


Patrick says: Far out and fucked up, Neubau boss Heap pilots the Brasserie fun-bus into the dark and demented realm of new beat.


1. External Error
2. Possessed By The Drums
3. Tripper

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