2 Vultures EP

Image of Parris - 2 Vultures EP
Record Label
The Trilogy Tapes

About this item

Second Trilogy Tapes to land this week and it Parris who brings "2 Vultures EP". Kicking off with the hazy neo-tropicalia of "Lionel's Dub", with manipulated Island chime melodies meeting a truly dubwise groove, this is supremo dub experimentation for the new school! "Hot-Blooded" sees a more traditional Trilogy Tapes techno offering unloaded on our unsuspecting ears. Fluttering static and gated white noise adding to the already beguiling palette of intricately constructed audio mechanics. "2 Vultures" sees a canvas of gentle hum and static jotted with unusual percussion artifacts, bit reduced hits and phazed nuances while "Hanging With The Birds" decorates synthesized bird chips with icy sequences and piercing bleeps.


1. Lionel's Dub
2. Hot-Blooded
3. 2 Vultures
4. Hanging With The Birds

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