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Ancient Monarchy

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Seekers International are one of the most unique and exciting acts in the world of modern day dub. Their cut-and-paste, infinite delay aesthetic pays tribute to the ghosts of soundsystem past - reggae, dancehall, pirate radio and jungle MC idents are collaged over hazy, cerebral synth washes and an endless reel of tape echo. They build their own delay units too, making them OG bad boys in my book.
Anyway, the firm are back with their latest record and thankfully they've not changed their work process just wait - just the source material. There's a bit more skewed soul than straight dread on this outing. Tracks like "U Knw What 2 Do", though peppered in rasta-man vox unfurl into sloppy, opiated slo-mo soul, not a million miles away from vapourwave's time-stretched experiments. As usual, there's a plethora of gun shots and sirens, but SKRS execute it in a hypnotic, non-aggressive fashion that seems to re-level the dancefloor, removing any macho posturing or overly sexualized context. Basically, once you're sucked into this world it's hard to leave. Number 1 on Wet Play's hit list to get on in Manchester in 2018; get acquainted with this future-proof act before everyone's all over it. Highly recommended. 


Matt says: Much like Sun Araw or Peaking Lights, SKRS have invented their own sonic environment. Containing raw elements of dub, dancehall & pirate radio before sending the whole thing spiralling through hand crafted infinite delay units. The result is a enveloping and disorientating, non linear trip through soundsystem culture and I for one am totally obsessed with this act.


1. Sum Bout U
2. Dub Shoulda Known
3. U Knw What 2 Do
4. Gunshot Riddim
5. Undercover Lovers
6. Rollout Riddim (DJ4Free)
7. 4UVersion
8. Give Dem (Style)

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