Beneath Two Moons

Image of Hodge - Beneath Two Moons
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Berceuse Heroique

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Bristol's Jake Martin returns as Hodge for the delectable Berceuse Heroique and delivers more of his trademark, streamlined house and techno hybrids. The title track leads us off with bouncy bass, stuttered vox and quirky, club friendly trills and fx. Its undeniably Hodge - playful, infectious but heavy and heady too. "There's A Storm Coming" takes an eternity to drop, during which time it conjures up a fiery ball of elastic tension, the rubbery synth line stretching us out until we're ready to pop. A cataclysmic, crushing beat eventually marches forth, ordering the floor to regimentally join the dance. "Don't Hold Your Breath" sees another typical Hodge palette twist and spiral around a steady 4/4. Wavy and otherworldly, it's an inspired sonic environment, skillfully created by Hodge and lending itself to further exploration. Finally, "All Is Not Lost" sees a beatless exercise in ambience cut short by growling analogue synth swells and constantly echoing vocal fragments. A ode to being lost in space with nothing but solar winds and electrostatic flux as a companion. Wonderful stuff. 


1. Beneath Two Moons
2. There Is A Storm Coming In
3. Don't Hold Your Breath
4. All Is Not Lost

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