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Bunsens Vol. One

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Butter Sessions

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Debut EP from Australia's Turner Street Sound. Comprised of Firecracker signing, Rings Around Saturn (aka Rory McPoke) and MidnightTenderness (aka Ryan Hunter), "Bunsens Vol. One" sees the duo's work from 2014 - 2017 presented in concise form. "Mood Lamp" is futuristic nu-boogie exemplified. Crashing gated drums, cerebral keyboards and swirling pads make this a slice of hardware powered funk that Dam Funk or Turquoise Summers wish they'd wrote.. but it's 100% TSS - nice! "Dunes (Oceanic Mix)" flips for some upfront breakbeat house business, taking cues from the exceptional Bufiman & Normal 4 out last year on Aiwo and sounding just as tasty - do not sleep on this bad boy! Plenty more to get stuck into but "Glasshouse" is also worth a mention with its glacial keyboard work and sparse, peppered electro beat; so very 2018 without being stylistically contrived or false. Also worth note if Midnight T's 'Broke Bones Dub' of "Stoned Mix" - which takes the hazy breakbeat theme even further into retroist jungle territory; but still smothered in a pillow-soft, blue sky dreaminess. So good! 


Matt says: Wacked-out futurism here from TSS, Midnight T and Sleep D. A panoramic glimpse into what makes these upfront producers tick.


A1. Mood Lamp
A2. Dunes (Oceanic Mix)
A3. With The Lot
B1. Glasshouse
B2. Stoned Mix (Midnight T's Broke Bones Dub)
B3. With The Lot (Sleep D Hydro Version)

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