Kiss! & Run!

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The mysterious crew behind the equally elusive hot jam "Witness" (WITNESS01) return from overseas & deliver another batch of limited cargo in the form of two addictive disco-house tracks looped up and filtered down for those feel good dancefloor moments. "Kiss!" should see a plethora of eager dancers begin fist pumping in earnest, the simple but devastatingly catchy hook certain to engage the whole building in its sublime radiance. Utilizing a brilliant slice of late 70s disco Shade take cues from Shir Khan and transforms the ghosts of disco into terrace friendly house music. Onto the flip and "Run!" keeps to the formula, looping up a fine disco section and adding house drum and pounds of extra bass weight. Rather than sacrifice sound quality for bit reduced fx and compression artifacts, the two tracks allow the samples to do the talking, allowing them to develop through the course of the whole side, by which time we're sucked firmly into their vortex and will be spinning wildly in the centre of whatever room its playing in. Top stuff!




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