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"Y.O.U" is an emotive album of tripped out ambient hip hop instrumentals, written and recorded in the mid 90s under Trevor Jackson’s infamous production persona The Underdog. Originally planned as a vocally-led, song-based project that should’ve surfaced between his production for The Brotherhood's legendary British hip hop album "Elementalz" in 1996 and his acclaimed debut Playgroup release in 2001, for multiple reasons it hasn’t seen the light of day, until now. The LP consists of 11 tracks which see dream-like synth lines, ambient melodies, blissful guitars, raw beats and soft, fractured vocals draw you into a hallucinatory 12-bit world. Drawing on Jackson’s progressive and jazz rock influences as well as psychedelia and early electronics, the album closes with "Belladonna" - a piano-sampled homage to the east coast golden age hip hop pioneers.

All created on an Akai S950 mono sampler (limited to only 20 seconds sampling time), an Akai MG1212 12 channel mixer (which recorded on Betamax style tapes) and primitive outboard gear, Jackson honed his skills from his bedroom, where he produced the majority of his output at the time. With a huge collection of obscure vinyl, he dug deep into uncharted territories for samples and sound clips - using material no one knew about (or would think about touching) in the mid 90s. Sentiment and purity pour out of this collection of ideas, with limited technology but a creative mind Jackson was able to offer a softer and a more cerebral side to the other downbeat projects and instrumental hip-hop around at the time. Shelved until now, this is a brilliantly rose-tinted retrofit of this particularly creative spell for Jacko. 


A1 Oleander
A2 Digitalis
A3 Aquilegia
A4 Clematis
A5 Maikoa
A6 Delphinium
B1 Toloache
B2 Pulsatilla
B3 Veratrum
B4 Euphorbia
B5 Belladonna

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