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Space Garage

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Dim the lights, take the phone off the hook and prepare to get seriously wavy as Periodica provide another fringe funk treat. A joint effort between label boss Mystic Jungle and frequent collaborator Rico Milford, this trippy treat sees the duo capture the sticky heat of the Neapolitan summertime and slather it liberally over a 7″ disc. Making extensive use of a space echo, these two tracks form a study in stoned funk from behind the Black Ark console. Mangled electronics, live bass and lo-fi hiss sit beneath the occasional squeal of fuzzy guitar as we feel the frazzled force of a true cosmic cooler.


Patrick says: Sounding something like Peaking Lights and Lee Perry dubbing a lost Will Powers cover of "Macho City", this limited 7" from Space Garage is another prime example of Mystic Jungle's unique take on stoned sonics.


A. Space Garage
B. Eclipse Version

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