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Version Galore

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Version Galore is a newly founded label, deeply rooted in club culture. Professing to bring selected reworks & versions from the top producers in the game, showing lots of respect and care for the original, but elevating it's spirit and taking it somewhere else. It's all about continuing the legacy of some classic numbers whilst injecting new life into the dancefloor. No half-measures, played-out tunes, lazy cuts, or boring 808-kick boosting biz!

K2 is an alias of someone who you should be very familiar with by now, especially if interested in quality house music. Hailing from Baltimore, one of the most versatile and technically-gifted DJs on the scene, a master of CDJs, who singlehandedly restored public's interest in gospel music with his ultimate dancebomb "Work It Out" and more recently bended minds with his releases alongside Detroit's Kyle Hall. Still Hesitant? Ok we'll help you - it's the one and only Karizma!

A-side is a pure fire-starter, re-visiting one of the most used samples in Chicago house. Ram Jam's "Black Betty" is nearly as iconic in dance music as James Brown "Funky Drummer" or Loleatta Holloway's "Let No Man Put Asunder" - it's been sampled that much. Here Karizma reinforces the charging hook with his idiosyncratic beats (sounding a little like Kenny Dope's MAW drums but with a definitive B-more uniqueness). On B-Side the maestro travels in time to grace us with a retro-futuristic workout on the edge of jazz-fusion / prog-rock & Italo-disco. "In Spite Of" is a peculiar, yet beautiful combination of hypnotic chord progressions, step-sequenced synthetic bass-lines, the virtuoso dialogue of electric guitar and electric violin (yes), spiced up with African percussion and forceful beats, all working together in harmony in accordance with the intricate time signature of the song! Karizma at his most Balearic you might say.... but this should still keep the house heads happy with its super dreamy percussion. 


A1 The Betty

B1 In Spite Of

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