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East Man is a new project from Anthoney Hart and its material predates his previous work as Basic Rhythm. His unique take on grime reduces the sound to its steely fundamentals, bringing in influences from dancehall, drum and bass and techno to gird the voices of the MCs he works with. His own name for this hardcore continuum mongrel is 'Hi Tek'. Anthoney struck a friendship with the academic and theorist Paul Gilroy, who wrote the album introduction which places the segregation between young people and governments at the centre of its discourse. The set is a particularly regional offering, something that could only have really come out of London with its unashamed lyrical colloquialisms, razor-sharp beats and unparalleled grime energy.


Matt says: I like hearing stuff that's so unashamedly geographically tied down that you can't help but conjure up vivid images of the locale when you hear it. This is one such piece.


01 East Man - East Man Theme
02 East Man & Saint P - Can’t Tell Me Bout Nothing
03 East Man & Darkos Strife - Cruisin’
04 East Man & Killa P – Mission
05 East Man – Stratford
06 East Man & Irah - War


01 East Man – Drapesing
02 East Man & Eklipse – Safe
03 East Man & Lyrical Strally – Mmm
04 East Man & Kwam - Tear Down
05 East Man & Darkos Strife - Look & Listen
06 East Man - And What? (Blood Klaat Version)

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