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Knickerbocker Glory

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The Germ Organization

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John Moore is pleased to announce the release of Knickerbocker Glory. It is a fully orchestrated collection of classic rock songs. Unashamedly a love album, it is filled with warm guitars, soaring harmonies, keyboards, strings, brass, with a hard-hitting rhythm section. He recorded it mostly at home, although drums and bass were recorded in LA by Brian Young, his JAMC band mate, and old friend Morgan Visconti in New York.

Boz Boorer played saxophone and clarinet, and lent Moore a 12-String Burns guitar, which by wonderful coincidence, Moore had owned twenty years previously, and had been missing. Cecilia Fage, of Cobalt Chapel, sang main backing vocals. His daughter Ava sings the intro to first single Philosophical Man. Luke Haines applied the Les Paul treatment to ‘Philosophical Man’, while virtuoso pianist, Rod Melvin, of Kilburn and The Highroads, played keyboards. Knickerbocker Glory was mixed by Steven Boyce-Buckley at Gracieland Studios in Rochdale, lent to him, with incredible generosity, by his friend, the absolutely rockin’ pop legend Lisa Stansfield.

Aged 20, John Moore joined The Jesus and Mary Chain, playing drums, then rhythm guitar. At 23 he signed to Polydor Records, releasing his debut solo LP ‘Expressway Rising’. He moved to New York, for three years, and released the album ‘Distortion’. He returned to London and began to write quieter, more poetic songs, and formed the minimalist trio, Revolution 9, releasing one album ‘You Might As Well Live’. During this time, he became interested in Absinthe, and became its first importer since 1914. In 1997 he formed Black Box Recorder with Luke Haines and singer Sarah Nixey. They scored a hit single ‘The Facts Of Life’, and released three albums, ‘England Made Me’, ‘The Facts Of Life’, and ‘Passionoia’. In 2005 he released the album ‘Half Awake’ on his own label The Germ Organization.

Struck by the quality of his writing, The Guardian newspaper invited him to write for them. Happily, his first love, Rock and Roll, reclaimed him, and in 2007 he formed The John Moore Rock and Roll Trio, releasing one album ‘Roll Your Activator’, and playing many memorable gigs. In 2011 he rejoined The Jesus and Mary Chain. In 2014, he released two critically acclaimed albums‘ Lo-Fi Lullabies’ and ‘Floral Tributes’ on The Germ Organization label. Philosophical Man is released on Friday 1st December – it sounds great on the radio. Second single will be Rabbit Hole.


1. Rabbit Hole
2. Philosophical Man
3. Controlled Explosions
4. Anne Of A Thousand Days
5. Near Me
6. Something About You Girl
7. How Do You Turn A Friend Into A Lover?
8. Girl From Reno
9. South Of Heaven

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