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Levanta Poeira (compiled By Tahira)

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Jazz And Milk

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For their first Afro-Brazilian compilation the German Jazz & Milk label teamed up with Tahira, one of São Paulo's most active DJs andmusiccollectors. Levanta Poeira (Afro-Brazilian music & rhythms from 1976 – 2016) highlights a few of his favourite DJ pearls and encompasses Brazil's various regional musical styles influenced by African and Amerindian forms. While most foreign music lovers tend to approach Brazilian music by having American music genres such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco as a reference, Tahira's personal wish was to showcase the rich musical roots and facets of his country by featuring carefully selected artists and bands from the past 4 decades. Most of these tracks will be made available on vinyl for the very first time with a highlight certainly being Tahira's "A Toda Menina Baiana" remix (vinyl-only) of one of Brazil's absolute musical heroes, Gilberto Gil. Tahira is a well-known character and good soul of São Paulo's music and digging community, regularly searching through record shops, private collections or dusty attics around the country. The passionate DJ dedicated the past four years extensively researching Brazil's broader spectrum of musical styles and slowly started to introduce more and more African and indigenous elements in his DJ sets.


Millie says: This album is a celebration of Brazilian music culture, a mixture of Afrobeat style guitars and warm percussion create a layered and rhythmic sound. Gorgeous!


Gilberto Gil - "Toda Menina Baiana" (Tahira Remix)
Barbatuques - "Baiao Destemperado"
Georgette - "Kirie"
Renata Rosa - "Brilhantina"
Maga Bo - "No Balanco Da Canoa" (Chico Correa Remix)
Coco Raizes De Arcoverde - "Gode Pavao"
Banda De Pifanos De Caruaru - "Balao Azul"

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