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Exemplary synth-work here on Alessandro Cortini's Make Noise Records. Barry's handily filled me in on the concept here: the 'Make Noise' modular synthesizer has been developed by Cortini himself, and for the label he invites various producers to come and test the piece of kit, the results forming the individual releases on the label. What a concept! And the music's not half bad either....

For number nine in the series we see Bana Haffer step up to the dials and patch leads. "Endo" begins in a wash of low end drone, stepped frequency shelves jarring and shifting the orientation in different directions. After a couple of minutes the celestial arpeggios slowly start to converge on the mix, floating from overhead and glistening like plasma droplets as they drip viscously into the electrostatic soaked stems. As you'd expect, Haffer gets deeper and deeper into the controls as the track progresses, resulting in a truly cranium splitting exercise in modular synthesis and angelic patch bay programming! Honestly, this is the some of the most advanced and pleasurable synth work I've heard for ages (Barry agrees...). "Exo", begins its exercise with high pitched metallic rings and randomized mechanics, twisting some stuttered vox inside out through a series of envelops and grain reassembly. Slowly more epic, edge-of-your-seat synth patterns and sequences are introduced, steadily elevating the track closer and closer to the cosmos. A must for synth and modular heads, not to mention anyone with a penchant for the abstract, modern and experimental. Bana Haffer and Make Noise are truly pushing the envelope here, a source of inspiration for patch bay tweakers across the universe; highly, highly recommended!

Pressed to 12" Clear (140gm) vinyl and inserted into a black inner dust sleeve
and Matte Jacket w/ photography by Moe Espinosa and layout by Sean Curtis Patrick..

Written and composed by Moe Espinosa aka Drumcell 


Matt says: Gonna get my stake in this before Barry big knobs comes through with his modular cru. This my friends, is the dogs bollocks. Face melting? Conciousness disolving!


A1. Endo
B1. Exo 

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