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The Worm's Heart

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James Mercer released "Heartworms" in March 2017. As a creative exercise, during those recording sessions, he flipped every song on its head, to re-record each song in the opposite way to the originals - Songs that were more rock & uptempo became slower & more acoustic, whilst the songs that were acoustic & slower in tempo, became more rocky & upbeat.


Barry says: How impressive that Mercer can remake a superb addition to his canon, but reversed. How does that work? Well, it works very well as it goes and adds a layer of intreague to these already superb compositions.


01 The Fear (Flipped)
02 So Now What (Flipped)
03 Heartworms (Flipped)
04 Dead Alive (Flipped)
05 Half A Million (Flipped)
06 Rubber Ballz (Flipped)
07 Mildenhall (Flipped)
08 Fantasy Island (Flipped)
09 Cherry Hearts (Flipped)
10 Painting A Hole (Flipped)
11 Name For You (Flipped)

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