Edmundo Giuliani

Il Mare

Image of Edmundo Giuliani - Il Mare
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Sonor Music Editions

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Originally released in 1972 on the micro-label Dischi Egede, Edmondo Giuliani's "Il Mare: Musica Con Strumenti Elettronici" is an incredibly rare example of aquatic Italian Library music, recorded as the score for an obscure documentary on sealife. Within these well pressed grooves lie infectious jazz tones and trippy electronic abstractions, sounding out the ocean floor with abyssal echoes, iridescent sonics and marine-machine themes. The first part of Sonor's Underwater Library tryptych, "Il Mare" looks as good as it sounds thanks to some sublime artwork.


1. Sonar Tre
2. Mare Calmo
3. Alghe
4. Alghe Vers. Flauto
5. Scandaglio Zero
6. Iridescenze
7. Coralli
8. Abissi
9. Guizzi
10. Marina

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