Piero Umiliani

Africa / Continente Nero

Image of Piero Umiliani - Africa / Continente NeroImage of Piero Umiliani - Africa / Continente Nero
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Along with Moggi, Rovi or Tusco, M Zalla was one of Piero Umiliani's most revered monikers from his early period. Starting off in the early 70s, the legendary Italian electronic wizard began to release weird and wonderful shapes of kinetic electronics, often inspired by the anthropology of Africa, the Mother continent. Africa itself is one of his works from '72, released just before the iconic Problemi D'Oggi, and it has clearly inspired whole generations of different sorts of musicians. It's polyrhythmic waves of euphoria rarely tire of cease to provoke wonder, and this whole piece of work is a treasure chest that will simply not stop giving. For some, it's a source for samples and inspiration, while for others it's the perfect tool to add life to DJ sets, whether at the beginning, in between tracks, or at the end. If you're a fanboy of peeps like Durian Brothers, look here first. Essential.



A1. Africa To-Day
A2. Savana
A3. Green Dawn
A4. Rhythmical Stress
A5. Drums Choral
A6. Lonely Village
A7. Mysterious
B1. Echos 
B2. Sortilege
B3. African Suspence
B4. Sadness
B5. Rite
B6. Folk-Tune
B7. Drums Suspence

Continente Nero

A1. Rivoluzionari
A2. Nel Villaggio
A3. Nuove Realta
A4. Antiche Tradizioni
A5. Nuovi Fermenti
A6. Sole Percussioni
A7. Piffero Africano
A8. Continente Nero
B1. Riscossa
B2. Ultimo Stregone
B3. Continente Nero
B4. Preparativi
B5. Oasi
B6. Tribalismo
B7. Giorno Di Mercato
B8. Flauto Africano

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