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Public Possession

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Munich's Public Possession pride themselves on doing things differently, and this pre-Christmas power-pack from No Bad Days alumni Møzaika is a welcome breath of pure O2. Pulsing out of the tracks with the 707 perc, shimmering pads and crystalline melodies of "Taba Taba", the EP opens with an optimistic stride, sounding very much like a the soundtrack to a wintery rave in Zora's Domain. If you were expecting "T-T-Tool" to treat us to a sparse rhythm dub of the opener, you'd be very wrong. Instead, the Polish producer pulls together spoken vocals, soaring sine waves and bittersweet chords for an end of season emotional house jam. Flip the pancake and sync into the proto-house pulse of "Voyager", a reet fucking tune which sounds like Boyd Jarvis redubbing Soft House Company for a Prelude acetate. Chunky pianos, dynamic drum machines and an infectious B-line hold it down in the rhythm section, while soaring synths and luxurious leadlines work it in the midrange. Last but not least things get future primitive for "Whistler", a warming combination of nuanced ethno-percussion, funked up 80s synth work and burbling bass, all topped by mega kwaito-lead lines. I reckon it's a must have for fans of Young Marco and Dazion, and a fine finale to this tasty 12".


Patrick says: I'm a sucker for a PP release, and this bad-boy's no exception. A diverse affair, "Aqua" offers tinsel tinged house, Balearic bump, primo proto and future primitive vibrations, without dropping the quality for a second. This one's going straight in the DJ bag...


A1. Taba Taba
A2. T-T-Tool
B1. Voyager
B2. Whistler

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