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Strictly limited to 250 copies only, the first release on Swedish label Lila Baren Records is  compilation from cult Stockholm based bar/restaurant Riche. Enlisting the talents and tastebuds of their 10 favourite DJs, Riche have delivered a heart warming, foot tapping and mind expanding set spanning Afrobeat, funk, pitched down synth pop, French-Celtic folk funk, Polish psych and Northern Soul. I don't know a single one of these tracks, and I'm instantly in love with almost all of them. Maximum respect to all the diggers and DJs involved, but mostly to Piccadilly favourites Dom Thomas and Marcus Tornqranz.
Housed in red velvet effect gold-embossed album cover, this is a special package.


01. Tsanga Dieudonne - Les Souffrances
02. Gauffins-Dubbelblandning - Heya Heya
03. Stanya - Life
04. Aladdin Special - Ganbare Giants
05. Dominique Michel - Enroulés De Soleil

06. Little Bob - I Got Loaded
07. Namnetes - Adieu Ma Mie
08. Bootwigs - Outside Civilization
09. Katarzyna Gärtner, Czerwono- Czarni - Wiere W Boga Ojca
10. Ann Bogus - Don’t Ask Me To Love Again

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