Dungeon Acid

Dog Acid / Sex Beat

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Hoga Nord Rekords

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Dungeon Acid the solo acid project of one Jean-Louis Hohta. An esteemed Swedish underground star; Hohta started his musical career in the early eighties as a member of Freddie Wadling's post-punk band Cortex. He later joined the Swedish hardcore band Anti Cimex, in which Jean-Louis played percussion between 1984 and 1987. Since then he has participated in various bands and more or less experimental (art-)projects. Together with Texas Instruments he created rhythm-based, industrial noise and as a member of the art collective Lucky People Center he found his way to the contemporary dance music.

The music on this 7” breathes sex, concrete and dark seas. The tracks differ in instrumentation but they expresses the same feeling: uncomplicated and straightforward components, perfectly balanced In relation to each other, shutting down unnecessary body function, aiming for your lower back. Twitching, curling synthesizers rest upon soundwaves heavier than the swell against the Norwegian North Atlantic coast. 


Matt says: SLLUDDGEEE AF acid filth from this buy-on-sight stable. Muckier than a weekend in Magaluf this one....


A. Dog Acid
B. Sex Beast

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