Mashrou' Leila

Djinn - Jonny Rock Remixes

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Hamam House

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Lebanese rock outfit Mashrou' Leila become the subject of the latest Hamam House dissection, with Jonny Rock stepping up to the cutting table for two different operations. Jonny welcomes us in with mournful synth tones, proto-house percussion and passionate vocals, stripping back the rock cut back before unleashing a truly devastating bassline on our unsuspecting asses, elevating the track into some kinda Lebanese proto-house / boogie hybrid. A-grade tackle and a club leveling monster, with the bad-man bassline only more evident on the B-side dub mix which smothers the vocals in a dreamy space echo and pushes the bass and drum interplay right into the foreground. 


Patrick says: Jonny Rock comes through with the WMD tackle on the latest edition of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it Hamam House. The producer strips back a Lebanese rock number to its bare bones, then lets the rib rattling bassline take centre stage - MEGA!


A. Djinn (Jonny Rock Remix)
B. Djinn (Jonny Rock Dub)

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