Release Yourself

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NIA Records

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Quality electro-funk-era record here from Aleem and Leroy Burgess. Identical twin brothers Taharqa Aleem and Tunde Ra Aleem began their career as The Ghetto Fighters with covers of Jimi Hendrix's "Cry Of Love" and "Rain Bow Bridge" (they also shared the same apartment with Jimi). They formed Aleem with Leroy Burgess as a vocalist during the early '80s and originally released dance songs on their own label, NIA Records ("Hooked On Your Love", "Get Down Friday Night" & "Release Yourself", featured here). 1985's "Confusion", resulted in a deal with Atlantic where they released two albums.

It's 1984's "Release Yourself" that's subject to rejuvination here, a fresh, licensed copy of this masterpiece for all to enjoy. Many credit Aleem and this record to help establish the freestyle genre in the mid 80s and you can certainly here the early traits of the style alive and well in this production.

Licensed courtesy of Taharqa Aleem in conjunction with Kult Records.


A1. Original
B1. Dub

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