Aufnahme Koch EP

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Syncboy is a beloved electronica-kraut-punk live act from Leipzig Germany. A beautiful dark shimmering and playful project, recorded at Zurichs infamous squat and released via the sublime Lustpoderosa. "Stolpern" unfurls a rich sonic pasture before our receptive ears, lush and detailed synthesis meeting a biotic mood and cerebral approach. It's both Balearic, electronic and almost psych-folk in equal measure - superb! "Green Market" begins its ascent in a swirl of synth fug; with leads jostling for position in the foreground. As the arps power up and the motion begins we climb a buzzing and taught sawtooth / drum pattern, dark and cinematic and meeting somewhere between Timothy Fairplay and John Carpenter. Flip for "Kiss An Elefant", which returns to the naive, blue-sky dreaminess of the opening track "Stolpern" but underpins it all with a slightly more menacing, minor key arp. Finally, "Waterfalls" returns to the dark side, with advanced synthesis ushering in a range of textures and moods while those vintage drum boxes still supply the forward momentum. As usual, a truly arresting and captivating listen from Lustpoderosa. Recommended.


Matt says: More electronically-guided weirdness from the exquisite Lustpoderosa this time touching upon cinematic synthscapes. Wonderful!


A1. Stolpern
A2. Green Market
B1. Kiss An Elefant
B2. Waterfalls

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