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Songs From A Toxic Apartment

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Like an underbelly of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Songs From a Room’, Gold’s debut is a tactile journey through the toxicity of memory. Where Justin Vernon escaped to the woods, Ethan Gold escaped deeper into the city, recording and mixing alone in a collapsing building in the wastelands of Los Angeles.

Gold, native son of San Francisco, grew up in the hangover that followed free love - son of Beat-adjunct writer Herbert Gold - and was raised with various step-families by his mother Melissa, who was tragically killed in a helicopter crash with the legendary rock promoter Bill Graham. For Ethan, the escape was always into his songs and the dreams where he hears them.


Barry says: Channeling the melodic, rapidly shifting psychedelic moods of the brilliant Morgan Delt, with some high-octane bursts of full-force rock and electronics thrown in there for good measure, this is a refined and unforgettable debut LP.


1. (intro) 00:13
2. Why Don't You Sleep? (free) 03:32
3. Royal Flush (free) 04:11
4. Are We Recording? 03:30
5. They Turned Away 05:22
6. Poison 03:54
7. "That" (reprise) 01:26
8. Nonstop 04:22
9. Tonight... 03:05
10. Come On Beat It Down 02:03
11. I.C.U. (toxic) 03:41
12. On Edge (celestial Porch) 03:25
13. To Isis Sleeping 05:42

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