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You Might Not Like This X EMOM

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You Might Not Like This [YMNLT] have teamed up with Martin Christie - the founder of the nationwide Electronic Music Open Mic [EMOM] - to bring you this one-off physical release, featuring many of the acts that have graced the EMOM nights.

EMOM was started to provide a space in which electronic musicians could meet and play music with a view to promoting this often overlooked form of music making. Nights have taken place in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, London, Coventry and Salford.

The approaches to music making have varied enormously, ranging from modular to groove boxes and loop stations, from live coding to synthesisers and launch pads, and many more. This compilation album includes a representatively diverse sample of such music. 

A double-disc full of resplendent delights, from the haunting spoken-word ambient drone of 'A Collection Of Notes', turning into a churning cosmic synth odyssey, Lizzie Bradley's scattered Kosmische glitch and thundering percussion on 'Why Don't'. Offset with more haunting gothic numbers like the hazy crepuscular hum of TOOM or the icy euphoric synthwave of Elle Call. There is a wealth of talent creeping through every fibre of this underground compilation, and it wouldn't be surprising at all to see this very release mentioned as the start of a good number of careers. Killer stuff. 


Barry says: A brilliantly diverse, and consistently superb look at the thriving nature of underground electronic music, all brought together by Martin Christie and Bizzle's impeccable curatorial flair. A great compilation, and a top listen.


1.Apta - It All Started With A Hiss 04:50
2.Kintsuku - Ropes 04:27
3.The Smoky God - Three Crows, You Will Deny Me 03:08
4.US - The Silence Of Being 05:49
5.A Collection Of Notes - The Bells Of Qaraqosh Are Still Ringing 05:14
6.Cynthia's Periscope - Mother Of Pearl 03:14
7.Lizzie Bradley - Why Don't 04:40
8.BZL - 2128: Footwork Escape 04:06
9.J Frisco - Tears Of Glass 06:06
10.243 Ida - Woods 04:27
11.Flavolous - Intro 02:39
12.The Truth About Frank - Boy Death 31 05:08
13.Jan Doyle Band - Start Of War 03:28

14.Nick Wade - Maia 03:16
15.Elle Call - Birthday Blues 03:36
16.Dwangster - Streams Of Life 03:36
17.TOOM - Incomplete 05:26
18.Emily J Electric - Automagical 02:14
19.Gnomefoam - Moist Magic 02:28
20.Jonas Lapinas - Sleepwalk 05:19
21.Gradient Echo - Badu 02:58
22.Rickerly - The Soothsayer's Fear 03:38
23.Namke Communications - X June 17 05:00
24.This Human Condition - Psychotropic (Lobotomy Mix) 05:30
25.Hellrocky - Intergalactic Dance 03:24
26.Poet & The Loops - Testosterone 03:08 

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