John FM

Ricochet ...And Then Leave

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Trilogy Tapes

About this item

John FM brings the noise to Trilogy Tapes with the bumpy bizniz of "Ricochet...And Then Leave". On A side we have a monster with heavy drums and game boy like notes floating along the lenght of the track. This one is special; it is a solid number, unapologetically energetic and uptempo in its form, it is house but a fine line separates it from the techno vinyl crate. This one is for discerning fellow to the point that it may fill your dancefloor or it may send your punters home. Either way, rest assured you are offering a good product.
Now on B side things turn a bit more ravy. More early 90s but the thumping beat reminds you that you are in 2018 almost. I would say this one can be a peak time bomb - playful, sensual at times, and likable. Guaranteed results with this two sides of rough, get-loose house beasts.


Sil says: Phenomenal number from the always reliable TTT label. Not too extravagant, not too accessible. Jus the right amount of weirdness, but this time keeping in mind your audience. In other words, dancefloor-friendly TTT.


A. Ricochet
B. ...And Then Leave

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