Henrik Rylander

Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet

Image of Henrik Rylander - Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet
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Höga Nord Arkiv

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Like a message in a bottle, carried round by the ocean streams for decades, Henrik Rylander’s album "Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet" has floated around in the space of Swedish underground music Ad infinitum. Höga Nord pulls the cork and unfolds the message that is a piece of music that was ahead of its time, sounding 'now' 20 years after its first release in the late nineties. This album is a well-kept secret even for the most initiated music lovers in Sweden! The music, influenced by Flying Saucer Attack and other reverb/distortion drenched acts from the early nineties, Harmonia and some of Kraftwerks earlier works and minimalism, sounds fresher and more ravaging than ever contrasted against the beige, emotji-driven, faceless reality we currently occupy.  
Rylander, a member of legendary acts such as Union Carbide Productions and The Skull Defekts, has been pushing the envelope for electronic music, varying between ambient and noise. Rylander’s solo works could be described as sophisticated music and "Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet"combines the sophisticated sides with his band oriented works that holds another kind of tension.

This record is the first release on the sub label "Höga Nord Arkiv" on which releases from the past, that hasn’t got as much attention they deserve gets re-released in an appropriate context via the already established Höga Nord cannon. TIP! 


2/Dansant Lösning
3/Som Att Tala Till En Vägg
6/...Och Plötsligt
7/Sommarregn Är Inte Farligt
8/Ängrar, Finns Dom?
11/Somnambul Sorti

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