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The Blue Room at Third Man shook with the sludge-drone majesty of Olympia, Washington’s Earth. Anchored by wife-husband duo Adrienne Davies and Dylan Carlson, this band has an integral spot in American music by bringing a low-frequency uproar and six-string extremism to the forefront of the experimental, punk metal underground. More concisely, they are widely considered the pioneers of drone metal.

The band built their reputation on widely respected albums, starting with Sub Pop and moving to current home Southern Lord. Using the device of repetition, the band disarms and transforms first impressions with a performance so plodding and insistent that each song is stretched to its limits. The set spanned their catalog with four first-class compositions, employing powerful guitar drones and Davies’ precise, slow-motion percussion swirling throughout.


Barry says: There is nothing quite as hypnotic as an Earth live show, the slo-mo heft of alt-drone-country rock taking hold of the atmosphere in the room, and taking everyone along on their hypnotic trip is beguiling, and here we get four of their live classics on the ever-reliable third man.


1A. Bees Made Honey In The Lion?s Skull
2A. Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon

1B. Old Black
2B. High Command

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