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Sonar Bases 4-10

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Deeptrax Records

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Twenty years after the "Sonar Base 4 - 10" release on the legendary Dutch record label U-Trax, Deeptrax Records officially license a high quality remaster of this stunning Dutch electro classic. Frank de Groodt asserts a unique blend of aquasonic electro, intergalactic boogie and rich deep techno. Frank started out on U-Trax records in 1994, and released as The Operator and Optic Crux on Djax-Up-Beats before his more recent releases as Fastgraph on Klakson. Besides that he’s also part of Random XS and Ultradyne.

This bass oriented, mind bending album is considered one of The Netherlands best kept secrets and has been a fave amongst connoisseurs, selectors and DJs around the globe for many years. A real post apocalyptic gem from Utrecht that is as fresh and sharp as it was originally released 20 years ago. The tracks are full bodied, muscular pieces of electro and techno with hidden melodies and savage beats upon clever bass lines.

All tracks are analogue remastered by Ballyhoo Studios and pressed by the brand new vinyl pressing plant Deepgrooves for optimal listening pleasure.

This is just the first one of a series by Sonar Base released on Deeptrax Records. Buy your own personal outer-space Sonar Base package, filling that black hole in your macrocosm collection. You don’t want to miss this a second time! 


A1. Welcome To Sonar Bass #4
B1. Earth Probe
B2. Sonar Base #6
C1. Sonar Base #5
D1. Arrival At Dwell Probe
E1. Intergalactic Anecdote
F1. Sonar Base #10
F2. Blunted

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