DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa

F Planet

Image of DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa - F Planet
Record Label
Berceuse Heroique

About this item

This deadly Berlin—New Jersey nexus back in action, reinforced by the mighty Shifted. "F Planet" itself is an in-for-the-kill stomper, husky and frantic, its sizzling bass and clanky hats inexorably dissolving in a sulphuric alarm of distortion and haywire bleeps. "Astral Pilot" ties you into a swirl of frequencies, rhythms and mechanical growling, before finally disentangling itself into some kind of cosmic lift-off. Deep and guttural but with plenty of psychedelic strangeness, this is a killer cut for brave and drug-addled. On the flip, grimly tightening the bolts, setting the controls inwards, and darkening and thickening its atmospheres into a kind of gut-churning possession, Shifted makes F Planet all his own. 


Patrick says: Killer crunching darkness on this speaker rattler from Spider and Franklin DC - Arachnid scutterings, industrial growls and relentless percussion on 'F Planet', while the dark and moody groove of 'Astral Pilot' pulls us into a trance dance before tripping out nicely. Bonus banger from Shifted on the flip - you need!

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