Siassia & Tokobina

Siassia & Tokobina EP

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Nouvelle Ambiance

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Fresh Parisian imprint Nouvelle Ambiance begins life with a killer archival release dedicated to cross-cultural experimentation. AMBIANCE001 takes exhilarating dive into the African underground of 1980s Paris: a four-track EP from Congolese singer Albert Siassia, backed by a group of young French dreads, rechristened Tokobina — “let’s dance,” in Lingala — for the occasion. A mixture of post-punk, rumba, afro-disco and reggae, the EP revives a pair of dancefloor sureshots from their sole 80s 12" (currently changing hands at an arm and a leg, which will make dancing to it a struggle) alongside some unreleased fire from the same session. An explosion of sunkissed proto-house, Afrobeat and bubblegum bass, the optimistic 'Mama Africa' is a total dancefloor slayer in line with previous Piccadilly favourites 'Hafi Deo' and VO's 'Mashisa' - mega. Next comes the previously unreleased 'In The World', a moonlit taste of French post-punk with gorgeous vocal melodies - it's a bit like the Police but not shit...
Over on the B1. 'Pointe Noire' returns to that 'Hoby-Night' EP for a dark bit of dislocated dub disco along the lines of !!!, while the unreleased 'Sangi' brings the sunshine with a reggae riddim, cooing vocals and a little birdsong.  


Patrick says: I am all over this one. Not only do we get the grooving Afro-proto house you'd expect from a Sofrito related venture, but there are touches of dub, reggae and post punk all over this unique Parisian record. It's going straight into my record box...

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