Dark They Were And Golden Eyed

Design Your Dreams

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Trevor Jackson's second release on his unreleased archive recordings label Pre- is a heady collection of subterranean minimalist synth jams, blissful technicolour textures, somber distorted drones and expansive cosmic soundscapes.
Recorded during 2010-2014 with a limited analog vintage hardware set up - Elka Sythex, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland 808, Roland Chorus Echo, Bel BD80 delay & Tape, these solo recordings were created at unearthly hours as lengthy improvised compositions and cathartic personal experiments. Heavily manipulated using classic effects units, harmonic layers slowly evolve, arpeggiated melodies mutate, discordant drum machines and fractured voices merge elegantly into noise. "Design your Dreams" is Jackson at his best, uncompromising and considered, progressive and unique.


A. Design Your Dreams
B1. Another Time
B2. The Lesser Light

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