Previously Unreleased Volume 2

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Yes Wave

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Following the success of last year's Playgroup ‘Previously Unreleased’ album and its critically-acclaimed run of nine weekly 12” vinyl EPs, Trevor Jackson has compiled a second volume of 20 tracks (11 unheard and 9 previously vinyl only) released as a Limited Edition Double CD and 6 track vinyl sampler on Yes Wave records.
The music featured is a collection of reworked demos and unreleased recordings. A hedonistic mix of raw disco, dub, funk, dancehall, electro, new wave & post punk that all still sound as relevant today as they did when initially recorded for the debut Playgroup album during 1997 - 2001. They're all, also, undeniably Trevor Jackson, with the iconic producer moving between styles yet keeping the sound succinct and thorough throughout. Seriously, this is a truly impressive collection of music. If like me you bought the CD and craved for a vinyl version to play out in the field, you're gonna need to study this, and the upcoming volumes carefully for exactly the tracks you desire. I'm not saying you'll need every one, but you don't wanna miss the volume with that killer track either! Mixed and mastered brilliantly for each 12", this is the ultimate version of these executive cuts. Attention required!


A1. Memory Per Voice
A2. Long System
A3. Work It
B1. See Yourself
B2. Kill Dem
B3. Stand Up (Dub)

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