Glass Movers

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Cold Blow

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Halvtrak follows up releases on Don't Be Afraid and Bakk with this Detroit-indebted return to form on new London / Helsinki-based label Cold Blow. "Glass Movers" starts the EP with mechanized claps and robotic acid lines, juxtaposed by serene strings and ethereal synth-flute patterns; the perfect contrast of machine like precious blended with humanoid soul. "Fresnel Zones" shimmers and shakes like the electrical powered beast that it is, hovering sharp snares ricocheting against plump acid lines and concentric arps floating on waves of space dust. "Glass Moves" is remixed by Chinaski into a chugging, nu-EBM flavoured monster with its gated drums, tuned perc and darting fx. "Paralisis" concludes proceedings with a taut synthline, pulling tight against floor tomes and simple drum hits while a lazer beam melody is introduced again a tense backdrop. Slowly other synth tones are introduced as the track evolved into a casual space odyssey; gazing up to star-lit skies across a plasma-fried landscape. Exceptional stuff.


A1. Glass Movers
A2. Fresnel Zones
B1. Glass Movers (Chinaski Remix)
B2. Parálisis

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