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“Less thought, more direction and purpose, less catering, more expression…”

This was Savile’s mantra as he sculpted his ‘Compersion’ EP for Mike Simonetti’s 2MR and it’s a mantra we should all subscribe to. It’s come about through his introspective analysis during the creation of his most succinct and starkest exploration date. "Talk Smile Bite" is the kind of sophisticated technoid glider you'd associate with Terrence Dixon or Convextion. With a gently saturated selection of drum boxes, Saville deploys a stylish and centrifugal mid-lead that buzzes perfectly. "Watch Scan Wait" sees the idea expanded somewhat more, plunging us unto a sonic world of machine line drums and even more tantalizing synthesis; tipping its hat to the Detroit masters whilst remaining delightfully novel. "Tease Breathe Smell" concludes with a Millsian slammer; perfectly constructed for Jeff to smash out across three decks. Saville's painstaking created both a tribute to OG Detroit techno whilst adding his own stamp on the blueprint. Exceptional. 


A1. Talk Smile Bite
A2. Watch Scan Wait
B1. Tease Breathe Smell

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