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A Gram Of Boogie (The Story Of Lee Moore / Score Records & LM Records)

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Arkansas native, Lee Moore moved to Memphis in 1975 with only one goal in mind: to make it big in the music industry and to release music that would be played in New York, L.A and everywhere in between.

As a singer and songwriter Lee Moore spent the 1980s collaborating in Memphis with the best of the best session musicians and vocalists from labels like Volt and Stax Records to record and release futuristic boogie, soul, and funk. In his quest for a unique sound, he constantly reinvented himself, creating projects with new aliases and concepts, scraping together studio time, and hustling. Even today, Moore’s music sounds ahead of its time. Lee Moore unfortunately never got close to reach his goals of fame and fortune. Instead; with the assistance of legendary Stax musicians Darnell Smith, Ben Cauley, Mickey Gregory, Lester Snell, Willie Hall, Michael Toles, Ray Griffin, Donald Brown, Errol Thomas, Michael Toles, Frank Westbrook and many other; Lee Moore left behind a trail of incredibly rare albums and singles that became known as the holy grails of Memphis boogie funk to collectors worldwide.

Jerome Derradji’s Past Due Records is more than proud to present “ A Gram Of Boogie - The story of Lee Moore - Score Records & LM Records.” a 5 LP box set and 3 CD set that includes Lee’s most praised and rarest recordings along with an insert / booklet of Lee Moore’s story written by Jacob Arnold.

For the first time, Past Due Records is reissuing Lee’s incredible “Free & Easy” LP which was only released as a handful of test pressings in 1981. Also part of the box set is the West Coast inspired funk full length “Le Gamby - Double OO Too Sweet” along with a double LP compilation featuring Lee’s singles for Source Records, Score Records and the N.Y based L.M Records. Finally, under the Divine moniker, we get an album that illustrates Lee’s transition to gospel funkand the last record ever to be released on Score Records.

“A Gram Of Boogie” is the story of a lost hero of Memphis boogie, funk and disco. All records are faithfully reproduced and remastered. They carry Lee Moore’s vision of future boogie for decades to come.


CD1 - Lee Moore - Do You Feel Like A Party? (Rare Singles - Memphis, 1979-84.)
1. Lee Moore - Do You Feel Like A Party (12” Mix)
2. Lee Moore - Get Off (Part 1)
3. The First Family - The First Family
4. The First Family - Slow Motion
5. Lee Moore - Reachin’ Out (For Your Love) (12” Vocal Mix)
6. Alien - Changing Times
7. Lee Moore - Get Off (Part 2)
8. Subway Featuring Wave - Ten Toes Up Ten Down
9. Subway Featuring Wave - What You Do For Love
10. Subway Featuring Wave - You Can Bet I’ll Get You Yet
11. Subway Featuring Wave - What’s In The Dark (Will Come To Life)
12. Lee Moore - Do You Feel Like A Party (Instr - 7” Mix)
13. Lee Moore - Reachin’ Out (For Your Love) (Instrumental)

CD 2 - Lee Moore - Free And Easy
1. Let's Do It
2. The Coast Is Clear
3. Secret Lover
4. Blue Skies
5. Get Off
6. Do You Feel Like A Party
7. Free And Easy
8. One Lover To Another
9. Jammin On A Gram Of Love Le Gamby - Double 00 Too Sweet
10. Double OO Too Sweet
11. Whippin
12. Sweet Baby
13. You Played On Me
14. Sweet Eyes
15. Asmerelda

CD3 - Divinity - He’s Coming
1. Watch Over Me
2. Keep Seeking God For Divine Love
3. Stay
4. Jesus Is Love
5. Praise The Lord
6. He's Coming
7. Glad I Met Jesus
8. Come To Me

A1. Let's Do It
A2. The Coast Is Clear
A3. Secret Lover
A4. Blue Skies
A5. Get Off
B1. Do You Feel Like A Party
B2. Free And Easy
B3. One Lover To Another
B4. Jammin' On A Gram Of Love
C1. Double OO Too Sweet
C2. Whippin
C3. Sweet Baby
D1. You Played On Me
D2. Sweet Eyes
D3. Asmeralda
E1. Watch Over Me
E2. Keep Seeking God For Divine Love
E3. Stay
E4. Jesus Is Love
F1. Praise The Lord
F2. He's Coming
F3. Glad I Met Jesus
F4. Come To Me
G1. Do You Feel Like A Party 12 Mix
G2. Get Off Part 1
G3. The First Family
G4. Slow Motion
H1. Reachin Out For Your Love 12 Vocal Mix
H2. Changing Times
H3. Get Off
I1. Ten Toes Up Ten Toes Down
I2. What You Do For Love
I3. You Can Bet Iii Get You Yet
J1. Whats In The Dark Will Come To Life
J2. Do You Feel Like A Party 7 Mix
J3. Reachin Out For Your Love Instrumental

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