Mark Ernestus Versus Obadikah


Image of Mark Ernestus Versus Obadikah - April
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Honest Jon's

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Consummate Berlin dub science by the maestro. Beautifully textured, shuffling Lagos funk, on home-made percussion… militant horns… and a walloping, filthy-stinking kick-drum like the bucking, hairy hind-most of the Devil himself.
The Dub is Warrior Charge, 2016. What a record. Bim squared.


Sil says: I get all excited when I see 'Mark Ernestus' written over a vinyl cover. Simply because you know what you are getting. The best production there is out there and an outerworldly remix treatment. In this case he has taken 'April' by Obadikah and convert it into an hallucinogenic dub techno beauty. So there it is. Buy on sight.


A1. April
B1. April (dub)
B2. April (parts)

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