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Brand new, rambunctious, rootsy, spiritual brass-band music from Lagos, with singing, drums and home-made percussion.
Obadikah is a group of old friends who play together in the Cherubim & Seraphim and Baptist churches of the Ikeja and Isale Eko districts. A couple of them were founder-members of the Eko Brass Band; they’ve played with pretty much all the key Nigerian reggae artists.
The tunes are mostly traditional Yoruban melodies, often sung at bed-time. The songs are mostly original, sung in Yoruba (though Jomido is an Egun song from the Badagry area of Lagos state).


Sil says: Lots of Nigerian brass without being overpowering, jazz and latin elements and drums reminiscent of Fela Kuti. Overall a gracious and warmth LP that will put a smile on you.


A1. April 8
A2. Keke Kan
A3. Olorun Kan
A4. Agbara Temi Ko
A5. Iwo Ore Mi
B1. Ajantiele
B2. Erin
B3. Obadikah
B4. Jomido
B5. Orebete

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