Mental Overdrive


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Rett I Fletta Norway

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Rett I Fletta's second long player comes courtesy of Mental Overdrive, Per Martinsen to his pals and founder of Love OD Communications. The music is rich in texture and psychedelic content, making for a dizzying listen throughout; whether its under the collective unison of a dancefloor or your own solo space voyages at home. A fellow Nord, Martinsen is a prolific producer with releases spanning his own Love OD alongside sterling release on Full Pupp and R&S. "Epilogue" is a perfect display of his percolated. freeform lysergia; with non-linear song structures and experimental mood throughout. It judders and shudders with in-built mechanics and a slow and steady whirl; vintage engineering fighting against a world of hi-gloss DSP and constantly evolving personality algorithm. Everyone here at Picc HQ thinks it's pretty mega. You should too.


A1. Repeat: Then: Repeat
A2. Bits
B1. 1st Run
B2. Wormholes
C1. Shakes
C2. Carnivale
D1. Hellbent
D2. Shimr

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