Mark Barrott

Cascades - Francois K Remix

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International Feel Uruguay

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Back in 2016, International Feel impresario Mark Barrott unleashed standalone 12" "Cascades", soothing and grooving his way through just under ten cinematic minutes of Tangerine Dream synth washes and undulating percussion. A proper deckchair dancer, the dreamy cut swayed from start to finish, never quite getting the nerve to hit the dancefloor. Despite any lingering laziness, the cut was a killer and Francois K envisioned club potential, demanding the stems for a classic FK mix. Bumping up the percussion, looping up those fluttering synth licks and upgrading the bottom end from a growl to a roar, Francois transforms the cut into a deep, dreamy and most importantly driving slice of pure pre/post peak bliss. I cannot wait to hear this one breathe through a solid soundsystem. Over on the flip, "Theme From Nowhere" shuffles through the swaying crowd at a balmy Pikes, pairing classic piano with bendy synth bass and syncopated percussion. Imagine a medicated Metro Area copping some rays on Playa d'en Bossa and you'd be on the right lines...


A1. Cascades (Francois K Mix)
B1. Theme From Nowhere

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