King Heron Blues: Deluxe Reissue

Image of Califone - King Heron Blues: Deluxe Reissue
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Dead Oceans

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“‘Heron King Blues’ is about the letting go. Each song its own ceremony. The earth, sun and moon. Wingbones. Shadow maps and dream logic. Stoplights. Meat Trucks. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Cocaine. Wild eyed robbers. Hunchbacked derelicts. Broken down angels, Lepers. Gay Lithuanians. Cheaters. Sex. Beggars. Rabid dogs. Sirens. Undertows. Reverse magnetism. Cock fighting. Electric shock therapy. Trick birds. Floods. Ancient Hebrew texts. The Illuminati. Haboobs. Bleach. Expired medicine. Severed tongues. Dragons, Spirit telephones. Bees. Modern Architecture. Electric fences. Dianetics. ESP. Snakes. Poltergeist. Haunted spaces. Crop circles. Demons. Feedback loops.  “How does one capture lightning in a bottle? You could call me a witness, or better yet an interloper, briefly given the wheel to the mythological ship called Califone. Where others might have attempted to exercise the demons, I chose to let the spirits run wild. We bored under the earth’s surface into its core until we reached the belly of the beast. These aren’t Songs of Love and Hate. This is no Street Hassle. No Main Street here. This is music that was pulled from the abattoir of Chicago rock, tattered and bruised and barely breathing. This is not music for pussies.” - Michael Krassner (Califone, Boxhead Ensemble, The Lofty Pillars), August, 2017

Long out-of-print vinyl reissue of Califone’s third, critically acclaimed full length.

Includes unreleased bonus tracks.


Trick Bird
Sawtooth Sung A Cheater’s Song
Lion & Bee
2 Sisters Drunk On Each Other
Heron King Blues
Electric Fence (Clava Live Version)
Sawtooth Sung A Cheater’s Song (10.11.03 - KRVX Radio, Austin, TX)
The Ocean Was Lungs (Faraway Bells)
I Walk On Gilded Splinters
St. Martha (Clava Live Version)
Red (Clava Live Version)

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