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Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself

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Following in the fine tradition of central Europe's exo/eso forefathers (check out 'Tropical Drums Of Deutschland' - Patch) Berlin's Philophon continue to bring us local musics from all across the globe, often reinforced with a little magic from their homeland. This time round their special guest is North Ghanaian Kologo master Guy One, who breezes through the A-side with "Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself", a heavy and heady bit of modern highlife with intricate plucked strings, a stomping beat and boomng bass horns. On "Estra", the first lady of Frafra-Gospel, Ms Florence Adooni, joins the ensemble, wrapping her gorgeous vocal around sinuous synthwork and Max Weissenfeldt's hot horn arrangements, before taking a backseat as Mr Guy One does his thang. One record, with two excellent tracks - we truly are living the highlife. 


Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself
Estre (feat. Florence Adooni)

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