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Redman International Dancehall 1985-1989

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Following up the extensive and thoroughly impressive King Jammy's anthology from Dub Store, the Japanese reggae merchants turn their attention to another 80s dancehall institution Redman International Records. Redman International was a small but prolific label that ran from '85 - 91, with a flurry in '96 and with a number of reissues surfacing around 2010. One Hugh James took care of production duties while a plethora of great 80s vocalists laid down some killer performances- from Carl Meeks, LIttle John and Admiral Tibet to Dave Bailey, Puddy Roots and Redman himself. Recording in JA, using Roots Radics, Tuff Gong and some other local institutions, Redman, like Jammy, was quick to embrace digital technology and many productions were self produced using the new instruments and recording suites. As per previous releases, Dub Store carefully curated, remastered and re-present these lost dancehall treasures in a beautifully well put together package which covers the finest moments of this highly coveted little label.


Old Chain - Da Da Waps
Danger - Carl Meeks
Red Eye Lover - Carl Meeks
Runnings - Dave Bailey
Careless People - Tony Tuff
Yu Nu Remember - Wayne Palmer
New Tactics - Admiral Tibet
Geow Now - Horace Martin
Without Your Love - Carl Meeks
Concrete Jungle - Dave Bailey
Rub A Dub One - Little John
Ba Bat A Ba Bat - Little John
When I Release - Puddy Roots
When I Release (Dub Version) - Redman
Danger (Dub Version) - Redman
Runnings (Dub Version) - Redman
Old Chain (Dub Version) - Redman
New Tactics (Dub Version) - Redman

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