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Toronto-based songwriter, vocalist, producer, and multi-disciplinary artist Maylee Todd incorporates elements of disco, funk, soul, electronic, and experimental sounds into her music with a quality that belies her tender years. Her previous two albums 'Choose Your Own Adventure' and 'Escapology' saw her chart worldwide, establishing her as a breakout Canadian indie artist.
Her third studio album 'Acts of Love' sees Maylee wholly embracing technology and taking on the role of producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, recording and playing the bulk of the music in her home studio. From a sonic standpoint, the new album marks a departure from the harder-edged sounds of her previous work, boasting a more stripped down, synth-based production approach, with hypnotic beats and undeniably poppy hooks. 
"This record is a bedroom record. I spent the winter writing and learning software, so creating can be limitless," explains the self-professed augmented reality nerd. 'Acts Of Love' is essentially a tale of Maylee's metamorphosis, of constantly mutating and evolving musically, with the ultimate goal being to enlighten listeners on the symbiotic relationship between music, technology, performance art and human nature.


Millie says: Alt R&B vibes beaming from this diverse album filled with elements of electronic synth-y disco and pure groove. What's most impressive about this album is that Maylee Todd learnt all the skills to produce and create this marvel in her own home studio. Acts of Love is filled with her intricate ways of weaving in important thoughts and world issues into this very catchy album.


Virtual Life
From This Moment
Eye To Eye
Disco Dicks 5000
Arbys Combo 1
Poetry Of Intuition
Secret Teacher
One Of These Days
Part Time Lover
110011 [clip]
Goat Wut U Need
That's All I'll Do
I Got My Life 

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