Compilation 1991-2004

Image of Biosphere - Compilation 1991-2004
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Noregian dub-ambient veteran Geir Jenssen pulls together a collection of his compilation appearances and hard to find one-offs in his Biosphere guise for this mind-melting collection on Biophon. 

With the junglist rave missive of 'Hypnophone' kicking things off, you'd expect that the haunting glacial atmospherics and trance-inducing pads of Cirque or Substrata would be left to the LP's, but 'The Third Planet' is another classic biosphere ambient piece, building tension with increasingly determined envelopes and echoing bit-crushed percussion. 'The Seal & The Hydrophone' is perhaps the most danceable piece on here, with hi-passed snares panning around the stereo image, while a throbbing analog bass pulses away in the background and cosmic squeals and fractured churns are beautifully overshadowed by hypnotic vocal snippets. 

The wistful bleary-eyed nostalgic ambience of the stunning 'Sun-Baked' comes at a perfect time, providing a counterbalance and thematic breather to the icy ambient assault of 'Valchirie' and the jarring choral malaise of 'Visible & Invisible' 

A stunning collection, brilliant for filling in the gaps of his already venerable canon, or for new listeners hoping for a taste of Biosphere's pioneering electronic underworld.  


Barry says: From thudding excitable rave, to brittle, lonely ambience, Biosphere has you covered. As stunning and groundbreaking as all of his other work, and previously unheralded. If there's any more of this to come, i'm in. Top notch.


The Third Planet
The Seal & The Hydrophone
When I Leave (Version)
Knives In Hens
Bird Watching
Heights Of The Depths (feat. Jony Easterby)
Vi Kan Tenka Digitalt, Vi Kan Tala Digitalt
Die Luftseilbahn
Visible & Invisible
Colpa Mia

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