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Hot shit here from the Rubadub camp. A duo from Estonia but featuring an old Glasgow head called Ragnar, who's joined by Robert Nikolajev from Tallinn's legendary club Lekker. You may have heard their recent ripper on Porridge Bullet or on the Palace x Bronze skate video, which is what caught the attention of Rubadub's A&R team. Anyway, the music is brutalist, futuristic and really quite arresting. Scuffed beats and growling darkside jungle bass characterize "Loosie" whilst eyes-down, almost Detroitan pads introduce "Rolla" before morphing into something altogether more mechanized and dystopian. "Gelbaderte" sounds like a horde of gleeful infants banging steel drums in celebration on planet Jupiter. "Fetty" concludes with a shower of mainframe melodies and Morse code bleeps, beamed across the cosmos from some very, very distant galaxy; its vocal message succumb to waves of radio interference and red shift; but ultimately, it's unifying message still coming through, a message of peace from out universal neighbors; received generations before we'll make actual physical contact.


A1. Rolla
A2. Gelbaderte
B1. Loosie
B2. Fetty

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