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"Our first showcase album featuring the best of the artists CPWM works with.

First time collaborators and long-time friends; American inventor and songwriter Thomas Truax and James Konopinski of Leeds Art-Rock quartet Post War Glamour Girls are proud to debut the first fruits of their very occasional labour.

They have shared ‘The Best Things’, their debut collaboration which will be released by the Leeds based CPWM Singles Club as a part of ‘Come Play’, the first full length compilation to come from the label and social enterprise project.

Written over the course of a year, whenever Thomas was on tour in the north with a night off, he would stop by James' house and they'd spend the night chipping away at it. The next morning James would go to work. Thomas would go to the woods. They'd meet in the evening and listen back to what they'd captured prior in the twilight zone. Eventually something clicked. 'The Best Things' is Roy Orbison by way of The Cramps but the cherry on top is Truax's unique way with words, painting a love story, rich with visual metaphors, humour and sorrow.

Talking about the collaboration, Truax explains: “I think we actually started talking about doing something together right at that first night back in 2011, it just took a while for us to finally get to it, and I had to physically plant myself in that room and refuse to leave until we got something down. James is right about me being stubborn and a perfectionist but I don't really know what I'm doing either...”

‘The Best Things’ will be available from the 27th October with the full 26 track compilation available on the 1st December.

The release of this single also coincides with the release of the full 26-track listing for ‘Come Play’. Joining previously announced Leeds post-punks ZoZo and Truax & Konopinski are up and coming West Yorkshire acts Fizzy Blood, Magic Mountain, Deadwall & Crake as well as some very special tracks including a Wild Beasts remix of Napoleon IIIrd and a track from Leeds legends The Wedding Present re-recorded during sessions for their last album in 2015."


CD 1:
1. ZoZo - NONO
2. Magic Mountain - Zodiac
3. Ceiling Demons - March Forward (Fold Remix)
4. Crake - Little Chef
5. Deadwall - Come Play With Me
6. Parker Lee - Faded “Heroes” Sleeve
7. Fizzy Blood - Animals (Live At Pirate Studios)
8. The Boxing - Tame (Live)
9. Maggie8 - Best Club
10. Group Photograph - Classic M (LPA Remix)
11. Skwid Ink - Dungeon Politic (Alternate Take)
12. Napoleon IIIrd - The Scrape (Wild Beasts Remix)

CD 2:
1. The Wedding Present - No Christmas (Parr Street Sessions 2015)
2. Fighting Caravans - Ghost Town
3. FURR - Padlocks (Live At The Rock & Roll Circus)
4. Esper Scout - Celestine (Live)
5. Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement (No Brainer)
6. OFFICERS - Animal
7. Park Fires - Diamond Skies
8. Frontwards - Beat The Morning
9. YOI - Walls
10. No Fixed Identity Feat. Naomi Jones & 3Rome - Forever 27, We Are 28
11. Stems - Distance Silence
12. The Walker - Not Like Me
13. James Konapinski & Thomas Truax - The Best Things
14. Group Photograph - Eve 

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