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John Morales Presents The M+M Mixes Vol. 4: LP Part 1

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Bronx native John Morales has more than three decades of hits and over 800 remixes to his credit, he's also stormed his way through three mega volumes of M+M Mixes, all eagerly received by the Piccadilly staff. This 4th volume of the BBE series is without doubt the most ambitious yet, containing gems from Barry White, Lenny Williams, Level 42 and Dan Hartman, all woven together with that special, intricate M&M magic. Gaining unprecedented access to original multitrack recordings from the vaults of Sony and Universal Records, John has once again upped the ante, going where no DJ has gone before. Accept no imitations, nobody does remixes quite like John Morales.
First up we have the slow, sensual and fairly sleazy "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More" by the one and only Barry White. A weighty statement by a man of such great stature, this killer disco-strut is responsible for one of the finest drum breaks of all time (as sampled by Daft Punk for 'Da Funk', NWA, De La Soul and all rappers from 1988-1998), locks us into an irresistible bassline and features Barry in full on pillow talk mode. Chuck in some cinematic keys, wah guitar and the occasional hit of strings and you're in low tempo heaven, especially with this supremely stretched out mix from the main man. Over on the flip, John houses up the slick, bass-led brilliance of Lenny Williams' "You Got Me Running", taking a diversion from the dubby style of Danny Krivit's timeless version, to turn the cut into a soulful, disco house stomper - nice. Over onto the C-side and we're caught in the tractor beam of Dan Hartman's zero gravity pulser "Vertigo", rolling shoulders and enjoying those wild vibraphone licks, nodding along to the chunky gospel piano and then totally losing our shit as the cut eventually transforms into high NRG vocal screamer "Relight My Fire". Symphonic disco at its finest. Finally, Level 42's jazz-funk floor filler "Mind On Yo" gets the M+M treatment, taking us for a dream-dance through the baggy trousered dancefloor of the Britfunk era. As always, the bass is the best here! 


1A. Barry White - I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More
1B. Lenny Williams - You Got Me Running
2A. Dan Hartman - Vertigo / Relight My Fire
2B. Level 42 - Mind On Yo

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